Our focus as recruiters is to seek out and nurture relationships that are built to last.

Whether it’s the relationships we keep with our in-house technical recruiters, our clients or our contractors. After all, this is what we’re passionate about and we’re in the relationship building business.

It brings us great joy and satisfaction to introduce our clients to their new employees and, for us, the work doesn’t just stop there. We stick around to assist in any way possible after the contracts are signed to make sure the client-candidate relationship is always at its best.

So, what does that mean for you? That means, as a candidate, you can rest easy knowing that we are building the perfect platform to introduce you to your new employer. From resume building to interview etiquette, we’ve got you covered!


With many of our technical recruiters and executive staff having over 10 years of experience each (some over 20), you can rest easy knowing you’re working with the best. Luckily for you, all these years of experience have left us wise and willing to share our tips to make sure you stand out and get hired. Here are 10 Job Hunting Tips from Silicon Valley recruiters:

  1. Have a presentable resume. This is really a no brainer. You’ve got to spend some time on your resume if you want employers to spend the cash on your expertise. If you have spelling errors and strange formatting, how can you expect recruiters to consider you for a high paying position? Oh, and don’t forget to SEO! For tips on how to SEO your resume, click here.
  2. Be enthusiastic about the position you applied for during your interview. The hard part is over… you got the interview! Now it’s time to show your future new employer that you’re excited and eager to take on the position and get hired! If you don’t seem excited, it may come across that you don’t really want the position. Do your research on the company and get yourself aligned with their mission.
  3. Understand your market value and be prepared to justify your salary expectations. If you are currently making $50k and asking for $75k in your next role, be prepared to explain. Examples:
    • During my 4 years of work with this employer, I have acquired knowledge of cutting edge technologies, certifications and/or trainings…
    • I accepted a junior role in an effort to gain exposure in the Medical Device domain and, after 4 years, feel that I can leverage that knowledge in a different environment.
  4.  Do not create a resume where your name and contact information is in the header/footer. Most Applicant Tracking Systems (used by recruiters to search and find your resume) are only able to draw information from the body of the soft-copy resume when it is uploaded. So, put your contact information in the body on the page. Don’t let a silly mistake keep you from getting hired! Read more SEO tricks, here.
  5.  If you put something on your resume be prepared to talk about it in an interview and screened on it. Embellishing on your resume is never a good idea. Trust us when we say that we can always tell when someone is lying. It’s better to be honest about your skills and find a position that you can thrive in rather than cheat your way into a position you aren’t ready for.  You’re sure to be screened and checked on more than just your resume. For tips on how to nurture your digital footprint and show your strengths, click here.
  6. Change your mindset about the interview process. Remember that this could be your future employer for a long time. Go into the interview under the assumption that you’re going to be seeing these people every day for years. Be yourself, be caring, be helpful and most of all, be respectful. Changing your mindset will help you to establish a good relationship with your future employer that is built on mutual respect. Trust us when we say that attitude and outlook is often times the deciding factor between two qualified applicants!
  7. Be ready for behavioral tests. Yep! Not only do companies want to know if you’ve got the technical skills, they also want to see if your personality fits. It’s best for you to seek out companies with cultures that are a fit for you and you may want to explain to the employer during your interview why you think you would fit there culturally.
  8. Do not submit your resume through company websites. Have a recruiter champion your resume to the right person for the best odds of being viewed by the right people. Some companies get hundreds of resumes for each position they have open. With that many resumes, it’s next to impossible to stand out. Working with recruiters, you can be sure your resume will be sitting at the top of the stack.
  9. Do your homework on the company. Even if you have interviews everyday and you’re super busy, remember that taking the time to give each interview your extra special attention is important. After all, they have a ton of interviews too and are taking time out of their schedules to meet with you! They may be more inclined to hire someone who supports what they do already. So, do your homework and show them that you want to work for them!California Poppies, Nicholas Flat
  10. Be precise about your employment dates. “2013-2016” is not the same as “December 2013 – January 2016”. Resumes without precise employment dates may be looked over when a recruiter is looking for someone with a precise amount of experience.
  11. Know your objective. This area of your resume is there to let the recruiter know what you are looking for. Be specific. Say “looking for a System Administrator role in the Linux environment” rather than “to find a position in a dynamic and growing company to fully utilize my years of skills and experience.” Being specific about what you want shows that you are reaching for a goal and that you are dedicated to a field. That is a very attractive trait!
  12. List your education. Even if you haven’t finished a degree, list your education experience. Mention classes you have taken or certificates you received. Listing something is always better than listing nothing.
  13. Update your resume every week. Make sure to go back onto the job sites (Monster, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, etc) and revise or update your resume every week… even if you don’t have anything to change! Here’s why: When a recruiter goes to one of these platforms to search for candidates, they are going to search for resumes that have been updated/uploaded recently. Your resume can have the best SEO in the world, but if it hasn’t been updated in the correct time frame, it wont get seen anyway.
  14. Communicate with your recruiter. Life happens. Recruiters know that and are always willing to help you. If you have a family or life issue that is complicating your job search, talk with your recruiter about it and they can help you work out a way to make things work. They may be able to negotiate a later start date or something else you may need. Your recruiter is on your side… always go to them first before making decisions!
  15. Stay positive. You may interview once or you may interview 100 times. No matter where you are in the hiring process, your attitude is going to play a huge role in where you’ll go. Stay positive and enthusiastic about new opportunities. When the phone rings, pick it up with a smile. You never know when that perfect position is going to come along!

We hope these 15 job hunting tips from Silicon Valley recruiters help you score that perfect position!

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