The Human Approach: A Millennial Makeover


Flexible Scheduling

We can’t help but notice a pattern in the way that companies are learning to approach their employees, their customers and their values. What we see is that they are taking a human approach. Funny that it’s taken so long to bubble up the surface, but we’re glad it’s finally happening… thanks to millennials.  … Read more »

Awesome Companies to Work for in 2016


Awesome Companies to work for

Within recent years some seriously awesome companies have popped up around the US and they are changing how  Americans and the world think about work atmospheres. And they’re not just for recent college grads who want free soda and happy hour. They’re for everyone!   Lets take a look at a few forward thinking companies… Read more »

References Speak Louder Than Resumes


Get great references!

Job searching is primarily done online. Because of this, you rely heavily on your resume to do the talking. However, these days, we’re hearing more and more about the overarching importance of references. In fact, according to a SHRM survey, 8 out of 10 HR executives consistently contact references for professional (89%), executive (85%), administrative (84%),… Read more »