Awesome Companies to work for


Within recent years some seriously awesome companies have popped up around the US and they are changing how  Americans and the world think about work atmospheres. And they’re not just for recent college grads who want free soda and happy hour. They’re for everyone!


Lets take a look at a few forward thinking companies who treat their employees the best.





Airbnb has one of the highest employee satisfaction ratings according to Glassdoor. They offer a $2000 per year travel credit, 3 health conscious meals per day, full health benefits, equity/stock program for full-time employees, 16 weeks paid maternity, 8 weeks paid paternity, flexible work hours, competitive pay, two paid weeks off in December/January and so much more. Employees expressed that they would appreciate a 401k match, but that was one of the only complaints.


You’re looking good Airbnb. It doesn’t look like your employees will be taking to the streets any time soon. (Attention Verizon protestors!)





HubSpot was listed on Fortune Magazine’s list of Best Places to Work for Women. That should really tell you something about them. They certainly deserve to be on our list of awesome companies.


They offer 401k matching, deductible reimbursement for health insurance, great family care health insurance plans, unlimited vacation and, according to their employees, they also care a lot about helping their employees grow as individuals. What an awesome place to work.


Here is a quote from their website’s People Operations page:


“HubSpot’s on a mission to build a company people love. We’re the team helping us get there by hiring, growing, and delighting amazing people: our employees. From a HubSpotter’s first day to their first peer bonus, people operations is solving for them every step of way. That means we get to play a big role in the future of the company and of our coworkers. People come here to grow their careers so we think big to make sure they do.”


Right on, HubSpot.




This review from Glassdoor says it all:


“Health insurance is absolutely the best. The 401k matching has been kicked up to very competitive levels. Discretionary Time Off now allows a person to work with his/her manager to identify the appropriate level of down time rather than having a set number of days. The level of selection between RSU/Stock option offerings is unique and imaginative and gives the employee full control. Parenting support options are off the charts in terms of parental leave, financial support, adoption support, and work/life balance. For those who have a commute to get to work the ORCA card is valuable beyond measure. It’s hard to imagine a benefit that Zillow hasn’t thought of and implemented.”


Need we say more?


You can see more of Glassdoors Best Places to Work in 2016 here.


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