Do you want to get promoted? We don’t blame you! It is by far one of the best feelings when your hard work finally pays off with a title bump and a pay raise. But what if you’ve been doing the hard work – long hours, extra projects – and you’re not seeing any pay off? Or worse, others around you are being promoted leaving you wondering what skills you could be missing.


Managerial skills might be exactly what you need. Here are 5 things you need to do to get promoted:


  1. Be a Teacher


The best way to show that you are a leader is to be a teacher. Show your team mates and other colleagues that you have time for them and want to share your wealth of knowledge. Being a teacher shows your team that they can trust you with their questions, come to you for advice and see you as an encyclopedia of knowledge. Your managers won’t be able to ignore the amount of time you are spending to grow your team.


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  1. Let Management Know Your Goals


Did it ever occur to you that your managers have no idea you are interested in moving up? Let them know. Once they are aware that you are looking to get promoted, they will keep a closer eye on you than before to see if you have what it takes. But don’t worry, you want to be watched! Now is the time to show them just what kind of manager you would be.


  1. Offer Ideas to Management


Some say that the secret to life is knowing what you want and then pretending like you already have it as a way to allow the universe to bring it to you. No matter what you believe, this could be a good practice for you. Imagine that right now, you are the manager. How would you be different? What kind of ideas would you have to change your department? Offer up some of these ideas to your managers. It may seem uncomfortable to share these ideas, but it will show management that you are thinking about long term solutions to better the company. Even if they do not implement your idea, it still shows that the gears are turning in your mind.


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  1. Work on Your Interpersonal Skills


Management is about strategy and tactics as much as it is about people and connectivity. Reading a book, listening to a podcast or watching Ted Talks about how to better your communication and interpersonal skills is a great way to get ready for your future role in management and get promoted.


  1. Be Open Minded and Patient


Rome wasn’t built in a day and your career wasn’t either. It takes time to move up the ladder. It’s all part of your career journey. Remember to stay open minded about the process (your managers might ask you to jump through a few hoops) and be patient about the outcomes of your hard work. If you really want something bad enough you will, indeed, get it!


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