What is your interview personality profile? Are you Mr. Universe or No Knowledge Nancy?

Interviews are a chance to show off your best side.

As a recruiting firm, we know all about interviews. We screen and interview candidates all day long. We’ve become experts at sensing that “special something”. With that comes the ability to call a candidate’s bluff.

Signs of a bad candidate:

1. Mr. Universe
A photo by Alexander Rotker.

Every single question and qualification this candidate gets asked about, they have. They know JAVA, marketing, project management, R&D… just about everything.

Sorry, Mr. Universe. There’s no way you could be good at doing anything with so much sporadic talent in different areas.

This candidate is likely bluffing their way through the interview to get to the next round.

Be honest about your skills. Don’t be a Mr. Universe! Recruiters and Hiring Managers will be more attracted to your honesty. They may have other positions that are more aligned with your skillsets that they can share with you!

2. No Knowledge Nancy

This is the candidate who comes in for the job, but knows nothing about what the company does. They really, really want the job, but have no idea what they are getting themselves into. To an interviewer, this is no good.

A photo by Mike Wilson. want candidates that are interested in working with the company first and then the position second because those candidates are likely to stay the longest.

Be sure you do your research on the company and make sure you have solid reasons for wanting to work there before going in for your interview.

3. No Questions Quincy

(Anyone getting sick of these ridiculous headlines yet? We’re just getting started.)

This is the candidate who has no questions to ask at the end of the interview. Except for maybe about the pay or the benefits package, that is.

Prepare yourself before the interview with some questions about the company before you go in. You can even take notes throughout the interview for questions you’d like to ask or even better, ask as they come along.

If you have an interview that is more like a conversation, you’re halfway to a sign on bonus. That’s the real jackpot. Recruiters and Hiring Managers know that too.

4. Shifty Shannon

This is the candidate who can’t explain their career choices or shifts. It’s not a bad thing to move around, necessarily, but when you can’t explain yourself it might raise a red flag.

If you took time off because you had a baby or because you traveled to Southeast Asia, that’s fine! Don’t feel strange about having holes in your resume. Just be prepared to answer questions about them.

If one of the holes in your resume ends up being for a less fortunate reason, practice how you’re going to answer questions about it. This way, you’re not stumbling upon your explanation in the interview.

5. Know It All

This is a rare kind of candidate. This person comes in to the interview assuming from the start that they know more about the position than you. They seem to be above the entire interview process. You would be lucky to have them on your team!
Calm down. You may be extraordinarily over qualified for this position, but if that is so, why in the world are you entertaining the interview? It is always a good idea to humble yourself before an interview and, if nothing else, make good connections. You might be overqualified, but you can always network.

Who knows, a position more to your liking might open up in the future and you could be the first they call.

We hope these cheeky interview personality profiles will help you to be better in your next interview or help you to spot bad candidates!

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