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I bet you’ve never met a person who absolutely loved to interview. For most people, the thought alone is enough to make them sweat. If you experience the latter, don’t sweat it. We have created this interview series to help you prepare for the toughest interview questions you may encounter on your road to reaching your career goals.

Why should I hire you?

This question can be disguised in a few different ways:

Sell me on yourself.
What makes you different from others we are interviewing?
Should we take a chance on you?

However they decide to spin it, the point is to let them know you want the job and why you deserve it. Most of the time, hiring managers are interviewing many candidates at once. This question can help differentiate you from the others.

Whatever you say, you’re going to have to back up your claims with concrete details.

Think about why you applied for the job and why you decided to take on the interview. What was it that attracted you to the position in the first place?

If you’re answer is something along the lines of “higher compensation and a phenomenal medical benefits” then you’re headed down a very dark path to not getting a call back.

Is there a project the team is working on that you’d like to contribute your skills for? Does the organizations mission support your beliefs?

Think hard and deep about what you can provide to the team your interviewing for. Don’t be afraid to boast about your experience and highlight areas of expertise that you’re proud of.

Here is an example of how to answer this question correctly:

“I’ve always been in love with design. Good design can turn an okay product into a phenomenal product. I’ve worked on many different products and have won a few awards in my field – I’m proud of them because I worked hard to get here in my career. You should hire me because I’m passionate about my craft and I’m passionate about what you’re doing here at Company Y.”

Here is how to answer this question incorrectly:

“Honestly, I’ve been out of a job for a while now and my funds are really low. I’m afraid I won’t be able to make my car payment unless I get a job fast. Plus, I think this place is cool and I’m sure I could really learn a lot here.”


Now that you know how to answer this question, learn to answer more tough interview questions like:

What is your greatest weakness?


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